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How to make Introducing easy pmi partners pmi partners

Add to your favourites so that we are easy to find and accessible Add 0845 145 0060 to your mobile phones ‘contacts’
Paste a link to to your desktop Add PMI to your list of services, on your literature, flyers and website inviting more enquiries
Add PMI to your Fact Find and ask your client;
“Do you have Bupa type private medical insurance?”

If YES  - “let my team review it to reduce your premiums.”
If NO - “Would you like some indications on cost, I’ll get my team to contact you?”
Email your client bank – do they know you can help them save money, review their cover, get better value and get great independent advice.

Copy this image and paste it to your client email

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Who buys PMI?
Self –employed

They cannot afford to be waiting for NHS treatment
Example: Landscape gardener had Cruciate Knee ligament damage
NHS waiting list was 4 months + recovery
Consider loss of earnings! And future clients.
Operation cost £7000, he decided it was cheaper to pay, wished he was insured, so now has a policy so that this situation is not repeated in future.

Shareholder Director

As above
What is the impact on the business, profits, share price, operational costs etc.

Salespersons on Basic + Commission Can they survive just on the basic?
Parents Parental/maternal instincts kick in and are more concerned with the care of their family than themselves.
NHS Patients Often those who have had an unpleasant experience on the NHS never wish to go back. Poor treatment, waiting lists, caught someone else’s cold, mixed wards, never the same person twice, pressure induced mistakes.
Middle England This cover is very affordable to the ‘mass affluent’, for those who purchase quality standards in all that they buy.
SME’s Cover for the directors, key persons and their families in a group plan, paid by the company.

Group plans for employees and families as an employment benefit and absence management.

Top tips to generate good enquiries
1) Simply ask everyone! “Do you have Private Health Insurance”

if YES

“Who do you have that with?”
“When was the last time you had that reviewed?”
“have the premiums gone up much?”


if NO

“Do you know what this product does?”
“Would waiting on an NHS list affect you badly”
“Depending on your age, premiums are as little as £20 per month! Would you like to see some figures”

2) Make sure your clients know you can provide this cover.
  Many partners tell us that they do not get many enquiries. But they do not attract those enquiries. Clients need knowledge so;

i) add PMI to your product list
ii) add PMI to your literature
iii) add PMI to your website
iv) send a periodic email (perhaps quarterly) to your data base.

3) Use recent news and real life examples to encourage your clients to consider PMI, and that we can do a great job for them.
4) make sure your client knows we will be calling
- tell them that we have a close working relationship and that we will take care of all their health insurance needs.
5) Let them know ‘when’ we will be calling
- we get a better conversion rate if the customer is expecting our call.
5) Let them know ‘when’ we will be calling
- we get a better conversion rate if the customer is expecting our call.
6) Give your client one of the product marketing leaflets
- call us for small supplies.
7) Let us have as many phone numbers for your client as possible
- this will help us contact your client quicker.
Our service standards
  • We will attempt to call your client within 24 hours of receiving the referral (except Sundays and Bank holidays)
  • We will call your client at least 3 times that day
  • We will continue trying for 21 days or until we get through
  • We will send your client a ‘Guide to buying medical Insurance
  • We will always refer back to you any other needs identified. e.g Life, ASU etc
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